Wednesday, July 26, 2006

5 More Days

Five more days of living the life of an actress.

Five current happenings:

We still need lots of practice before performances (starting Friday.)
Brady's waltz partner in one number is no longer in the production (as of last night.)
Also last night, Erin's eyeglasses went missing from the theatre. Where are they?
We haven't been able to sing too much because of our colds. (It's a musical.)
We're exhausted.

Five blessings:

Brent continues to "hold up the fort."
We have a helper in the afternoons to help cook, prepare snacks to take to rehearsals, and run errands.
Yesterday,the air-conditioning was finally turned on in the theatre, on- and off-stage.
Our doctor prescribed a pill to help our bodies know when to sleep, since we are keeping such odd hours these days.
New friendships are blossoming as we continue working hard, preparing for "Beauty and the Beast."


Erin said...


We can do it, yeah yeah
We can do it yes we can
Here we go
Here we go
We'll do better than so-so!

(sorry that was pretty lame, but I think I have plenty of excuses right now for fried-brain-syndrome)

Traci said...

I agree with Erin! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! I really hope those sleeping pills will help you all out!!!
I can't wait to see this performance!!!!

Cristina said...

Hurraaaay! The play was WONDERFUL! I had been looking forward to last night so much! You did a FABULOUS job! Bravo! I won't mention the particular part I am thinking of *wink* *wink* for the benefit of those who have not seen it yet, but it was GREAT!