Sunday, April 09, 2006

Things to do when you're too tired to....

go to church, have people over, go for a walk; and when you just can't face reading another book or watching another movie:

1) Have someone get on the computer and find old movie and television tunes to download. Play "name that tune."

2) While you're on the couch, have someone bring you your purse. Clean out the old receipts, kleenixes, and lists.

3) Write postcards to long lost friends.

4) Play some piano tunes from the beginning of an old Thompson 2nd grade book with the piano's "mute" pedal on.

5) Go outside and walk around your yard a couple of times. Sit down. Look at the clouds. Take off your shoes and socks. Pull up a dried plant from the ground and watch an earthworm dig its way back underground.

I would have liked to add playing the card game "War" on to this list, but Erin and I tried that and we not only got bored...even when we named each of our wars...but we also got dizzy from all the numbers flashing before our eyes.

Got any more ideas for me? Our next doctor appointment is in 10 days; pray that the doctor will know what to do after getting all of our test results back, and that I won't need them.


Erin said...

Oh yes, we had quite the wars. :) Who invented that game? They must have been in the deepest depths of boredom...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. M,

I find that going into the basment and screaming at the top of my lungs, then pretending to faint helps sometimes! :)


Cristina said...

Traci... you almost killed me! Don't do that! LOL!

I like to do crafts... but I don't know if I would enjoy doing it when I am tired? Scrap booking is very fun and it is also being productive.

Browsing on the internet is always fun and relaxing. Looking for pictures of some of my favorite movies.. looking at other peoples blogs... That sort of thing ;)

Just a few suggestions. :)

Sherry said...

Traci, Given our headaches and such, it might be better if I pretended to scream at the top of my lungs and then actually fainted. This goes on my list. : ) Mrs. M

Sherry said...


Thanks for the suggestions as well. I have copied recipes from magazines onto recipe cards, but crafts are too messy on the couch. I like to blog hop too, but for some reason both of my computers are always tied up ;). Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

oh, I wonder who ties the computer ups...:)


kelsie said...

Try some more interactive card games: such as Spit, Solitare, Rat-Tat-Tat, or Rat-Race.


Sherry said...


If those games can be played on the couch with two people, we want you to come over and teach them to us!

Thank, Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

i'm too tired to do anything but these ideas are all weird

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh i'm soo tired