Sunday, March 12, 2006

life is so good

by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman

This is a wonderful autobiography of man who lived through all of the 20th century plus! He learned to read when he was 98 and kept right on learning until he died at 102. When you get done reading this book you'll have an appreciation for what segregation felt like; what hard work looks like; what America was like in the 20th century with its wars, inventions, and presidents; how having faith in God produces a respect for parents and those in authority over you, a desire to do right and a discernment to know what that looks like, and an attitude about life that is free of bitterness and disappointment. I'm going to have Brady and Erin read this when we are studying this era in American history. Richard Glaubman, an elementary schoolteacher from Seattle, helps George Dawson to record his story so that we can all learn that "life is so good."

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