Saturday, March 25, 2006

Book/Movie Tag

Okay Cristina, I'll try. It's interesting that my answers are books/movies I've recently seen/read or some of the first ones that I remember laughing or crying in. Just thought you'd like to see how a middle-aged mind works : )

Book I've cried the hardest in:
My Bible has the most tear stains in it.
Novel: Where the Red Fern Grows

Movie I've cried the hardest in:
The Other Side of the Mountain - This is based on the true story of Jill Kinmont an Olympic skier who basically skies off a mountain and becomes paralyzed from the neck down. I watched this 30 years ago in the movie theatre and cried buckets.

Worst movie I've ever watched:
The Little Red Pony (Can you believe it, a horse movie of all things?!) Based on John Steinbeck's book.

Most ridiculous movie I've watched:
Napoleon Dynamite (See Crazings)

Most disappointing book I've read:
Ex Libris by Ross King This book seemed to have it "all" for me: Set in England in the 1600s; a mystery that had to do with old rare books and history. The conclusion of the story was not only anti-climatic, but was the worst possible ending for any book lover.

Funniest Movie I've watched:
I remember "way back when" thinking Airport('80) was pretty funny. It was a spoof on the then popular disaster movies. I had fun laughing with my family with the movie, The Man Who Knew Too Little. (There are a couple of scenes that we fast-forwarded over.)

Silliest Book I've read:
I know there's probably been many, but I can't think of any right now.

Couple of Books I'm dying to read:
The one Erin's currently working on
Leave it to Psmith, by P. G. Wodehouse
Jewell, by Bret Lott

Couple of Movies I'm dying to watch:
Brady's next animated short
Dreamer - Is it in the video store yet?!! This is a HORSE movie based on a true story starring Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning
March of the Penguins


Traci said...

Hi Mrs. Mc,

Great Tag!!!
Yes, I believe that Dreamer just came out on DVD.


Sherry said...

Yipee! Thanks for telling me this. Mr. Mac took your movie back and picked up "Dreamer"!

Cristina said...

Thanks for doing the quiz! It was great! Dreamer sounds like a great movie. Erin told me today at Church that you all were planing on watching it today. Let me know what you think because I really like Dakota Fanning.

Cristina said...

Oh, I was going to mention that I saw March of the Penguins and thought it was really interesting. It was a great documentary.

Traci said...

How excitting!!!! Tell me how the movie is.

sherry said...

Ohhh, it's sooo good! You gotta watch it! Mrs. Mc