Sunday, June 22, 2008

June Health Update

We've been home for over a week now and I've been meaning to post a health update, especially so you can be praying for Erin. But between trying to recuperate, getting to the doctor just 5 days after getting home, (well, we stopped for treatments at his office on our way home, too) and Erin's bf arriving to stay with us for two and a half weeks, I haven't got around to updating until now.

Many of you don't know that Erin came home with a broken arm! Actually, it is a hair-line fracture and because of the type of break and location (near the elbow) it doesn't require a cast. Sometimes Erin wishes it did, as the sling is aggravating to the shoulder. She had an accident trying out her cousin's new Rip Stick (a two wheeled skateboard.) It happened two weeks ago yesterday. B and I were just driving back to his folks' after a nice visit with dear friends (met them for a couple of hours in a park in Holstein, IA,) when our brother-in-law called to let us know Erin was hurt. A few minutes later, my sister-in-law called and suggested we meet at the emergency room in Cherokee.

At first, the doctor came back from X-ray saying nothing was broken. When we were leaving, she gave us the number to call on Monday to get the X-ray final report. Monday afternoon we finally called for it and she informed us the bone may indeed be broken, to not move it all, (we'd encouraged E to try to move it earlier that day,) and to get it re-checked when we arrived home.

Our doctor, north of us, is giving her treatments on it once a week - laser, NMT, and a new one (can't remember its name) next week. We can tell healing is happening, so we're encouraged. The doctor says her arm should be back in working order by the time Erin's rehearsals start up for "Fiddler on the Roof" the end of July. We are praying for that.

Erin also hit her head when she landed and had a big black eye. She has some bleeding in the eye, but last week, the doctor gave her something to help stop the bleeding. So between the sling and her eye, she's looked pretty beat up.

Brady and I could tell we were a doing a little better, health-wise, on this year's trip to the Midwest, compared to last year's. Brady's bad breathing and chest pain problems were hardly an issue (just a few occurrences and not at emergency levels like last year.) We are praising God for this! Brady does get headaches whenever he "overdoes." That happened this week, too. But they don't seem to last as long - his recovery time is quicker. Everyone says we look a lot healthier then we did last year. We're so happy to report these improvements!


Pearl said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to hear about Brady's improvement, which stressed me just to read about it, and then I think about it for you, and help you worry. Hope the trend continues!

I'm sorry about Erin's accident, and glad you weren't there right away to get more stressed than you got just being there a little later. So glad she's improving!

I'm sorry we didn't get a visit, but we've got a future to do so anyway and that will be fun.

Hang in there!


Pearl said...

Oops - I'm using Pearl's account.


Sherry said...

Hi Kelly,

You know, I hadn't thought of the blessing of my not being there when it happened. Thank you for mentioning it, because that was a gift I hadn't thought about. I was able to pray for her (with a fair amount of calmness) in the car while we were on the way to the hospital.

So hard again, not to see so many friends we'd like to see while we were back. the meantime, thanks for keeping in touch.

Traci said...

Thank the Lord for y'all's improvements and I will be praying that Erin's arm and eye heal!