Friday, January 11, 2008

Who hasn't met this woman?

Seriously, do you know anyone who hasn't met Laura, if not in the Big Woods, then somewhere out on the prairie? I recently had the opportunity to read Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer's Life. This book is so well done. Bravo to Pamela Smith Hill. If you are a "Little House" fan and/or just the least bit curious as to the writer behind the series, you'll enjoy this biography.

Here's a quote:

Illustrator Garth Williams also praised her artistry: "She understood the meaning of hardship and struggle, of joy and work, of shyness and bravery. She was never overcome by drabness or squalor. She never glamorized anything; yet she saw the loveliness in everything."

I guess that's why the "Little House" books continue to be passed down to children from one generation to the next.


Anonymous said...

Hi Friend! I am enjoying reading your blog-Laura Ingalls Wilder has influenced our family for years now! As a matter of fact, seven of our eight children have listened to me read the Little House books for their First Grade year. I've just begun them...again!

Thank you for your book reviews. I loved Rumer Godden as a child and noticed that you had discovered a book that I had not yet read. I'm excited to find it!

Have you discovered Elizabeth Goudge? She is a British writer and, I believe, an Anglican. Both of the libraries in our area have her books. She has written two children's books that I know of and they are delightful. I consider them really classic literature and reread them for pure enjoyment.


Jill Farris

Anonymous said...

An addendum! Elizabeth Goudge has written many excellent books for adults...those are in the libraries here. I don't know if the children's books can be found in here. The adult books are wonderful as well. Just wanted to clarify!

Traci said...

*writes down title* I will totally look into this one!