Monday, September 03, 2007

My kids' idea of fun

Today is a day "off" for most students. Guess what mine did.

Spent the day with their friends...

at the lake?

watching movies?

just "hanging out"?


they spent it

acting in, directing, filming, and producing a few scenes of the ancient Greek tragedy, "Antigone."

For a class project? Nope just for fun.

They're so cool! And their friends, too : - )


Erin said...

I love us. heheh.

Lovely post, mater.

Acting Gal said...

YEAH!!! I can't wait until we can film with moi! It was so funny, today in my Bible class, my teacher said..."yeah next year you have to read a really long and hard greek play." He went on to describe a little about the play. Gosh, I wanted to jump up and say,"I'M IN THAT!!!!!"

Sherry said...

I hope it works out to film in October, acting gal!

Bohae said...

Sound really fun!!

Cristina said...

hehe... I am glad that you think so. :)
Thanks for having such great kids! It was a lovely way to spend a day!

Sue Jackson said...

Hi, Sherry -

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I was sorry to hear your family is in the same situation as us, with Mom and two kids with CFS. It sounds like you're similar to us in another respect, though - still having fun and enjoying life, despite the challenges of chronic illness. I hope that your daughter continues to improve and that you also find something to help your son.


Sherry said...

acting girl: You should have!
Cristina: You're welcome ; ). Thanks for being such a great friend to them.
Sue: Thanks for stopping by with your encouragement! I enjoy your blog and updates and hope y'all continue to get better, too.