Sunday, August 12, 2007

Health update

We have been encouraged these last few months to be seeing an improvement in Erin's health. She is looking healthier and is becoming less housebound. She just finished acting in another play (her second so far this year.) She was healthier at the close of this play than she's been, after a play run, since getting sick. And even though she had to pay for all the energy she exerted, her rebound time wasn't as long as it usually is. Today (four days after her last play performance) she went to church and went out again tonight to watch the meteor shower with friends. Today during church, I noticed her taking notes during the sermon again - something which she use to do each week, but hasn't been able to do for three years! She came home and said, "That is the best I've been able to concentrate on the sermon in a long time." She is hoping to be able to get an actual schedule going for some schoolwork this fall. She has a long way to go as far as having strength and energy, but these improvements are real and have been building. I'm thinking she is getting somewhere. Praise God!

Brady and I are hoping we're not far behind. We are hoping our bodies start responding as Erin's has while we continue the SC diet and our treatments. While our improvements haven't been as noticeable energy- and well-being-wise, we have been able to stop taking some supplements and medications that our bodies don't seem to need anymore. That is getting somewhere, too.

God is saying "yes" to our prayers. Please thank Him and keep petitioning Him for our full recovery.


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