Thursday, February 22, 2007

February Beauty

I have to cheat this month. These aren't my own photos, but are photos I found from an image search so that I could still show you some of my February beauty. I saw my owl on the very top of a utility pole as we zoomed by in the car, but I imagine him looking as noble as the one in this picture.
The ground fog we drove through one evening from the valley up to our town on the hill was both amazingly eerie and beautiful.

I spotted the sundog yesterday and it looked very similar to this except our sky wasn't as blue (but maybe with a filter it would have been.) Sundogs are so cool!

More February beauty:
  • My sister in my kitchen making her own rendition of goulash for us and baking cookies for us to have as a valentine treat.
  • My husband doing my grocery shopping for me on his days off. (He does tons of other things for me, too, but his willingness to do this chore, week after week, strikes me today as something very beautiful.)
  • Sound is beauty as well, and the laughter of eight teen guys and gals bouncing through the walls of our house last Friday night was pure delight.


mcsanimations said...

Nice post. :) :) :)

Elizabeth said...

Yay, glad your sister got to visit y'all!

How did the treatments go? I hope it was a productive and helpful time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,
I've never blogged before, but have had you on my mind alot since you wrote. IF you have an e-address for me, please send a note.
praying for you, Teddy Ann

actinggal said...

Great Pictures!!!

Kind of forgot about this months beauty...*goes and takes pictures*


Erin said...

It was pure delight to be apart of that beautiful sound. :)

Faith said...

Beautiful pictures, Mrs. M! :D

And yes, as Erin said, it was so wonderful to be a part of that beautiful sound. :) Thank you *so* much for allowing us to take over your living room for a few hours. I had a fabulous time. :D

God bless you and your family!