Friday, January 26, 2007

Winter days

How am I spending my winter days? Well, I've visited Wales (the setting above,) Spain, spent quite a bit of time in England, traversed the states; and I've even spent some time in my current home town of long ago, thanks to a wonderful book by an author who grew up here.

I've also been traveling to "not so interesting" places. Doctor's offices. The three of us have ventured off into different treatment realms. One of our doctor's suggested this. We had all been keeping to the same treatments as the other, but now we are off on our own. We'll see if any one of us leaps ahead in terms of good health. This tri-plan method is more work for the nurse (me) and the pharmacist (you know who) and the parents (that's us, too.) It's a lot to get to and keep track of, but hopefully we'll have some noticeable results soon.


Erin said...

:) It's wonderful where books can take us.

actinggal said...

I hope your tri-plan works out!!!

mcsanimations said...

Cool castle pic, and nice post. :)