Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Victory

This is Admiral Nelson's ship from the Battle of Trafalger, October 21st, 1805. It sits by a dock at Portsmouth Harbor, England. The ship had four gun decks with around 100 guns total. The back of the ship was mostly glass where the Captain's quarters were. It was fun to see a strictly sailing vessel before the age of steam. This picture only gets about half of the ship, but that shows you how large this frigate really is! Portsmouth Harbor has now restored this ship from the outside because it took heavy damage in the battle. But most of the inside wood on the decks is original. The main mast is some 250 feet above deck and the Victory housed 830 sailors.

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Dahle Publishers said...

I do enjoy seeing old ships because then, when I read stories like, say the Honblower books, I can see in my mind's eye exactly what they are talking about. Great picture.

Elsien Dahle